Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weekend away P.S.

My husband and youngest daughter survived my being away for four days, but I have to tell you, I couldn't stop laughing when my husband told me about one of the dinners they created.

Before I get into that, however, I have to give a shout-out to the Midwest Writers Workshop (MWW) in Muncie, Indiana. Wow! I've attended many writing and/or mystery conferences over the years and I have to tell you -- this one ranks up there with the best of them.

MWW is not focused solely on mystery but it is focused on the craft of writing. The workshop this weekend was their 39th annual. What a fabulous experience. And what an amazing group of talented writers -- all hoping to become published -- collected in one place. The pieces these writers came up with over the weekend blew me away. I was there as a faculty member -- talking about Writing the Cozy Mystery (among other things), but came away feeling as though I'd learned a great deal as well.

I also came away with new friends. Good friends. You know how you sometimes meet people and all of a sudden you feel as though you've known them for years instead of minutes? That was my experience this weekend. And we're already planning a writing retreat/get-together in the winter. How cool is that. 

My thanks to the organizers of MWW for inviting me to be part of this jewel of a workshop. It wasn't just fun, it was energizing. Now that I'm back and have an unfinished manuscript to turn in on September 1st, I need all the energy I can get! LOL

But... last week I talked about my trepidation over leaving my non-cooking husband and youngest daughter home alone. I'd left them a few things to heat up (which my husband overlooked the first night - sigh) but on Friday night, our daughter decided she had a taste for pancakes. 

Easy enough. We didn't have any mix, so they decided to make them from scratch. The recipe made 16 pancakes but they only wanted 4, so they cut down the ingredients. So far, so good. But those 16 pancakes needed one egg. My husband couldn't figure how to measure 1/4 of an egg and didn't want to waste, so the whole thing went in. Hmm...

The worst part was when they realized they needed buttermilk and we didn't have any. They decided to borrow some of the half-and-half I keep for coffee, but thought they might need to sour it somehow to replicate the buttermilk. Smart, right?

Um... wait until you hear *what* they chose to sour it with!

They searched for lemons. We were out because I'd used them all to make homemade lemonade a few days earlier.

"What the heck?" they thought. And - yes - the lemonade went in.

Over-egged pancakes made with lemonade. For extra flavor they added chocolate chips. I kid you not.

They swear they tasted good, if a little eggy. I'm relieved they only made four. I wouldn't have wanted them to save any for me.

Have you ever made an *unusual* substitution when cooking or baking? How did it turn out?


Katreader said...

Oh my God! I'm laughing and in awe of them. I think I inherited a cooking gene as, although I don't cook tons, I can whip things up on the fly, creating tasty things without a recipe...even though I collect cookbooks-and you should see all my recipe boards on Pinterest. It's hard for me to comprehend people that can't cook!

Aurian said...

lol, I am glad you had such a good time at the convention, but I really do wonder about those pancakes! Do they hate grocery shopping as well?

Dru said...

I'm laughing here in this quiet office because that is so funny. Why didn't they just use plain milk? No lemons, just leave it out. Too darn funny. Do they know how to make spaghetti?

Julie Hyzy said...

Katreader - Count your blessings! LOL I can handle cooking too, thank goodness, and I think the fact that I can has created these two monsters who don't have to. Whoops!

Aurian - interestingly enough, they don't mind grocery shopping. My husband seems to enjoy it, actually. But they're both into fresh fruits and veggies big time. That's good from a healthy point of view, but it's also because they don't require much beyond washing LOL

Dru - I have no idea why they took that extra step either. Caught up in the moment, I guess. My husband has made spaghetti in the past. Can you say "gooey lump"?

Heather Blake Webber said...

LOL! They're certainly inventive. How do you divide a single egg, by the way????

CherylR said...

I am still laughing but I give them credit for trying. Mine would have gone to IHOP.
You beat the egg and divide it.

Julie Hyzy said...

Heather - What CherylR said. At least that's what I'd do. I can only imagine what would have happened if my husband and daughter had tried ...

CherylR - The pancake idea emerged after they were both decidedly in for the night. IHOP would have been a good choice, though.

Barb Goffman said...

Once in high school I wanted garlic bread, but we didn't have any of the frozen kind. So I tried putting garlic salt on bread and baking it. Let's just say that didn't work.

Julie Hyzy said...

Barb - that sounds as though it should have worked. Maybe it needed a little butter? It's fun to improvise though, isn't it?

Barb Goffman said...

I'm so not a good improviser in the kitchen.I admire people who are.