Monday, August 13, 2012


by Kate Collins

Do you live by the clock? Are you the kind of person that stops what s/he’s doing at noon to eat lunch, or at 6 p.m. to have dinner? Do you have a fixed bedtime?

I’ve read that bodies crave routine and feel out of sync when the routine is thrown off. That’s certainly true for me. I like to have my breakfast at a certain time, watch Good Morning America, and read the paper. I like to climb into bed at a certain time, read for awhile, then watch reruns of “Friends” until I get sleepy. I even write during a certain time period each day.

Are you that regulated?

Days off are always enjoyable, but too many days of irregular schedules (unless I’m on vacation) make me feel unsettled. Does that happen to you?

My daughter is a property master for several theaters in Chicago. Her schedule changes daily and she loves it. She would never do in a 9-5 job, she claims, because she hates being that regimented. Some days she works until 2 a.m., then sleeps in. Other days she’s up at 6 a.m. and works until whenever she finishes her list of projects. That would drive me crazy.

What kind of person are you, a routine craver or a routine hater?

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