Sunday, August 5, 2012

Strange Old Men

by Leann

I know in my writing that the devil is in the details, but it is true in all aspects of life. Making a big move to another state at my age (I am no longer in my twenties if you were wondering) has been challenging. Especially with the fatigue-creating illnesses I have. I can muster the energy, borrow some from tomorrow but with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, there is no energy carry-over from the day before. Eventually, if I borrow too much, I crash. Frustrating, yes, but part of my everyday existence. Managing energy has been the biggest challenge. So much to do, so many racing thoughts and no real home anymore.

A rather tired me met with the landlord at the old, less than stellar rent house we will be calling our temporary home. He's an aging vet, so I must cut him some slack. But should you really sit down with a woman you've never met before (myself) and talk NOT about the lady you are about to marry but instead about your dead wife? For a very long time. I know a lot about Pauline. Good thing Charlene--his intended and the actual owner of rent house--wasn't around to hear this little chat. Especially when I met with her later and she told me how scared she was about the upcoming nuptials. Since her future husband knows "Pat" at the bank and "Debbie" at Public Works, I'm thinking she has reason to be afraid. As my friend says, he's quite the flirt. But, he has worked hard to get the house in shape even while being quite the character. Grist for the mill, I always say.

Then came the encounter with old guy at the storage place. What. A. Grump. Simple questions asked pleasantly seemed to require irritated responses. I wanted to say, "I'm TRYING to give you my money." Unfortunately, it is the best place in the best location, so I was kind of stuck. I do believe his simmering anger had more to do with his having to do math and fiddle with computers. Renting the storage unit took a very long time. My only fear is I might have to deal with the Grump again. Let's hope not.

On the up side, I sure have gotten a more in depth flavor of the area. This is a lovely place with beautiful scenery--and strange old men.

What about you? Ever met some memorable characters in your life's journey? I'd love to hear about them.


Jeannie D. said...

Having lived for awhile in South Carolina, I totally understand the "odd old men" thing. It seems more grumpy than not. It is definetely a different world there. I lived in the coastal region. Some almost seemed to have there own language. It takes them awhile to get used to us "outsiders." I have lived in Tennessee for over 25 years now.But, I must admit I have met my share of "odd old men" here as well. Hope everything goes well for you. Hopefully, since you are closer to my location now, you will do some book signings close by and I can come get a book signed in person!

Leann Sweeney said...

Good to know my radar was at least a little accurate. LOL! And yes, hopefully next year I will have some local book signings. They have a brand new and beautiful library here in Greenwood.

Cathy said...

We'll look for these characters in future books!