Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Radio Days

by Maggie Sefton

I've done several radio interviews over the last few years, usually talking about one of the Kelly Flynn Knitting mysteries.  I always enjoyed them.  They never lasted very long, only a few minutes, and you  got to be at your home, sitting in your sweats or jammies or whatever, talking on your own landline telephone.  With radio, there's no camera, so no one can see you.  You can totally relax and talk to the radio station program host and answer questions.  Cozy and comfortable.

Well, tomorrow, Tuesday, August 21st--EARLY Tuesday morning--I will be doing over 20 radio interviews with stations that are located all over the U.S.  From Seattle, WA to Hartford, CT.  In fact, I may be doing an interview as you're reading this blog post.  The interviews start a little after 7:00am Eastern Time and go on for five hours.  Yes, there are breaks in between, which is a very good thing, especially for someone like me who drinks a LOT of hot tea.  :)

The tricky part for me is--I live in Colorado which is on Mountain Time.  So--7:00am ET becomes 5:00am MT.  Yikes!   I plan to set my alarm for 4:30amMT to make sure I'm up and ready to go--provided I've got plenty of hot tea ready.  I also have several different breakfast items that I can quickly microwave during those little breaks.  Plus, make more tea.  :)  The dogs will be sleeping in that  morning.

My website has a list of all the radio stations that are doing the interviews.  In addition to Seattle and Hartford, there's Norfolk, VA area, Little Falls, MN area, Orlando, FL area, Cincinnati, OH area, Carbondale, IL area, St. Louis, MO area, Corpus Christi, TX area--and several more.   So, check it out.  You'll find the list on the Molly Malone Suspense mysteries website under "Appearances."  And, yes--I'll be talking about the first in my new suspense series, DEADLY POLITICS, set in Washington, DC.

I'll also be doing a few more interviews later this week and next:  Thursday, August 23rd:  Des Moines & Minneapolis.  Friday, August 24:  Middletown/Poughkeepsie, NY.  Tuesday, August 28th:  Milwaukee.    So--check out the list folks.  I may show up on a radio station near your town.  :)
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