Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Thieving Ways

About a month ago I bought a ton of stuff at Ikea to redo my middle son’s bedroom. Have you been to Ikea? If not, and you’re planning to go, start prepping now with a vigorous training regimen, because that place wears you out! At least I was worn out. Another note: when buying lots of stuff, don’t wear flip-flops!

Anyhow, my cart was loaded high as I checked out and the cashier zipped through the process using her little laser gun thingy to tally up the goods. I headed home ready to tackle a new project.

Fast forward to the end of the project (it looks amazing, by the way). Along the way, we decided not to use some knobs that we'd bought, so I brought them back to Ikea to return.

At the counter, I handed over the knobs (two packs) and my receipt. Only, the transaction wasn’t going through. Only one set of the knobs was showing purchased.

Then I realized what had happened.

I had stolen the knobs.

Okay, so it wasn’t quite my fault that the cashier hadn’t rung them up, but still. I felt like a shoplifter! To add to my embarrassment, the customer service woman offered me store credit for the package of knobs I DID NOT BUY. It must be part of their store policy. I politely declined the offer to be paid for my thievery...

Have you ever accidentally stolen something? Did you return it?

By the way, A WITCH BEFORE DYING comes out on Tuesday. I can't wait to share Darcy's latest adventure with all of you!

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