Sunday, August 19, 2012

How I Became Spiderwoman For a Day

by Leann

After being married to a person for about 40 years, you would think you knew that person, right? You'd be able to anticipate how they do things so that you can then adjust your own strategies and requests. But this move to south Carolina from Texas has been a reminder for me.

1. I am married to an engineer.
2. Engineers are very concrete.
3. Engineers can be so focused on the problem at hand they do not anticipate problems in the future.
4. My engineer is disorganized--and that's me being nice.

I did write down several important things before I left for South Carolina. (I left ahead of above-mentioned engineer.) Example:

1. Make sure the television and the computer are unloaded AT THE RENT HOUSE in SC.
2. Forward the mail.
3. Turn off the utilities.

To his credit, the utilities did get turned off. The mail item? Not done. I ended up doing it online. As for the TV and computer? A bit of a problem. I failed to remember #2 in my first list--engineers are very concrete and #3--that pesky lack of anticipation of future problems. This is how I found myself becoming Spiderwoman.

We rented two air-conditioned storage units (because one large one was unavailable). One of those storage units was packed to the ceiling with furniture for our future home. The other unit is about half full. The Direct TV installer was coming last Monday between 8-12. When engineer put up TV Sunday night, guess what? No power cord, no cables, no nothing but a TV. Where are they? I asked. After much thinking, it was determined that the cords to make the TV actually work were put in the entertainment center drawer--the one that's in storage. 

Could it be in the one half full? I prayed so as I went to the unit late last Sunday night. Of course not. That section of the entertainment center where the holy grail parts to the TV lay was in the back behind boxes and pieces of furniture stacked to the ceiling. Not to be deterred, I started climbing. Up and over, a few slides down between boxes, but finally I reached it. Except the drawer was blocked by heavy boxes and wrapped in shrink wrap. I had to unpack two boxes while fitting between a space about 12 inches wide. But aha! After an hour's struggle, I got the cords, all of them. And discovered I was stuck. I couldn't get out and I didn't have my cell phone with me. Would either of heroines, Abby or Jillian have done such a dumb thing as go to a deserted storage unit at night and leave their cell phone in the car? THEY WON'T. NOT EVER.

After another 30 minutes of struggling, hanging on all the while to those precious cords, I managed to climb to the top of the boxes again. And then dropped the lock to the storage unit onto the floor far below me. I couldn't go back down there. I COULDN'T! So, I made sure my car keys were secure and made my way out of there, leaving the lock behind. They never show Spiderman with bruises, but this Spiderwoman was covered in them--arms, legs, back, you name it, I was black and blue. I got back to the rent house and thank goodness engineer had an extra lock. He went back to the storage unit and while he was gone, I discovered, yes, we had a computer. But no screen. No keyboard. No mouse. All I asked for was that the COMPUTER to be unloaded, right? I was back at item #2--concrete.

I found the rest of the pieces of the computer eventually--all in different places. Remember #4? My engineer is disorganized--something he will never be cured of, I am certain. As for me, I hope writing this all down will help me remember the next time we move to be very specific in my requests.

What about you? Do you know an engineer like this? :-)

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