Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fly My Pretty, Fly....

by Julie

Today's the day!

I'll be turning in the manuscript for the fourth Manor House Mystery. I've titled it GRACE ON A PLANE, but I have no clue if Berkley will let that fly (heh, heh. Pun intended).

These last few weeks have been busy ones. Although I'd promised myself I would work ahead of schedule this time, I was still scrambling at the end.

The truth is, I had worked ahead, but a combination of unexpected interruptions coupled with a few planned interruptions that took more time than I'd anticipated, slowed me down some. I'll do better next time (I say that every year).

I can't speak for other authors but I always find it difficult to give the manuscript up when it's time to go. It's like dropping your baby off for the first day of kindergarten and having them shoot a forlorn glance over their shoulder, silently asking, "Are you sure about this?"

It's tough. Even now after I've turned in a bunch of manuscripts. Isn't that weird?

This story, Grace #4, is set up a little differently than my prior books. I wanted to take a chance and try something new. It's still first person, but the plot moves at a different pace. I hope you enjoy it. Ooh... let me not get ahead of myself ... I'd better hope my editor enjoys it first! Otherwise nobody will see it! LOL

Anyway, the manuscript -- all 320 pages of it -- will be emailed to her a few hours from now. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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