Saturday, August 11, 2012

Falcons, Archery, and Food (All in the Name of Research)

By Ellery Adams

Yep, I have it tough. I spent three days this week conducting research for a top-secret project (I promise to tell you more about it as soon as I can) in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of Virginia.

Despite the clouds of gnats that followed our family everywhere, unplugging for these few precious hours proved to be incredibly inspirational.

So what was I researching?

Exactly that:  unplugging. I needed to spend some time at a place where there wasn't time for technology. With all the hiking, swimming, archery, horseback riding, cavern exploration and a daily high tea, I didn't miss Facebook, my email Inbox, or anything else on the Web.

My birthday's coming up this month and I asked to have a falconry lesson as my gift. It was fascinating!  I then learned that I'm no Robin Hood (though daughter Sophie was a crack shot) and that old hotels have dozens of interesting doors leading to dozens of interesting passageways.

Sounds like the perfect setting for a mystery, doesn't it? Well, stay tuned.

What did you do the last time you unplugged?
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