Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back East Celebrations

by Maggie Sefton

Yes, I'm Back East once more  Home again, home again.  I guess I'll live with two "homes."  My Colorado home in the beautiful Rocky Mountains where the air is clearer and cooler and has waaaaay less humidity, and. . . my Native "home" of Northern Virginia, where I grew up and lived for so many years.  I can never stay away from the Washington, DC for long.  "She" keeps calling me back.  :)

I arrived in time for lots of family celebrations:  my youngest granddaughter had her 5th birthday last Wednesday, August 22nd, the evening of my arrival.  The weekend was full of celebrations with the 50th Wedding Anniversary dinner for dear relatives and the Sunday church service renewing their vows.  Truly lovely.  And I returned to my daughter Christine's home Sunday early evening just in time for granddaughter's birthday party for friends----12 children + 25 adult parents.  :)   And that didn't count our family members which numbered seven.  Believe me, people large and small were EVERYWHERE.   On Labor Day, we'll celebrate granddaughter Natale's 14th birthday.  All these occasions required cake, you understand.   Cake was also everywhere.

Oh, and yesterday, Monday, August 27th, was my birthday.  :)  I celebrated by going into Washington with granddaughter Natale and paddling in the paddle boats all around the picturesque Tidal Basin beside Thomas Jefferson's graceful memorial.  Then, we had an elegant luncheon at the beautiful and historic Willard Hotel (Natale declared the chef's sauce for poulet roti was "amazing."), and we finished off like the girls we are by shopping along Downtown Washington's F Street which is filled with shops and stores.  Then back home for volleyball practice for Natale, and I went to meet daughter Maria for a delicious dinner in one of my favorite Georgetown cafes, the Sea Catch, which has a precious balcony which overhangs the towpath of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (which is mentioned in my latest suspense DEADLY POLITICS).

I returned to daughter Christine's that evening only to find another cake!  Yikes!  With presents.  :)  Which was lots of fun, of course.  And yummy.  But. . .I have to tell you. . .by now I am completely "caked" out.    How did you celebrate your last birthday?


Aurian said...

Hi Maggie, Happy Birthday! It sure sounds like a lot of fun times for all.

I celebrated my birthday with my boyfriend. After working the morning, I was free for the afternoon. We went shopping for a tablet for the both of us (which proves to heavy for me to read comfortable on it), and then went out to a very nice dinner together. No family or friends, just the two of us. I only "celebrate" once every 10 year.

ladyvyvian said...

Today is my birthday. I am 65 years old. I celebrated last week with my Red Hat group and the week before we had a celebration for all August birthdays in my ceramics class at the Senior Center I spend time at.

My daughter has promised something later but she is working 12 hours days right now on her job and the kids just started school this week. We will probably do something this weekend.

Whitney J said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

I celebrated my last birthday in New Orleans, Louisiana! It was the last day we were there last December (22nd), and we spent the whole day working on houses, then went back to Camp Hope, showered, dressed up, and headed into the city for some awesome times! It was one of my most fun memories, ever, and the best way to spend my 25th! We had dinner at 13 (which has the best vegetarian fare in NOLA, in my humble opinion), then headed to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop to listen to some piano music. Not too shabby!


Maggie Sefton said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you, Aurian! It sounds like you and your boyfriend had a lovely supper celebration together. Celebrating once every ten years, huh? That means you're still just a baby. :)

Maggie Sefton said...

Happy Birthday, ladyvyvian! I'm so glad you celebrated with the Red Hats. I spoke to a Red Hat group in Texas several years ago. What a great, fun group! And funny, too. :) I had a blast.

Maggie Sefton said...

Whoa, Whitney! You really know how to celebrate a birthday! That sounds like so much fun. And a wonderful way to start the fun was to help building a house in the New Orleans area. Good for you! And then you treated yourselves to a wonderful vegan meal. I've found some amazing cafes in the Northern VA & DC areas with vegan dishes. I like to include vegan dishes in my "mix." Some yummy stuff out there.

Shirley said...

Happy belated Birthday! In July, I celebrated my birthday by going out to lunch at Longhorn Steak House with friends. The waitress gave me a free dish of ice cream with whipped cream, the only thing missing was the red cherry, delicious!

Then spent a couple days at my favorite bed and breakfast in Lancaster County, PA, had a great time.

Sounds like you are having a great time, too!