Thursday, July 26, 2012

What will they eat?

by Julie Hyzy

Today I'm in Muncie, Indiana leading a workshop on Writing the Cozy Mystery. I'm thrilled to be part of the Midwest Writers Workshop this year and I'm loving the opportunity to talk writing - both the craft and business side - over the next few days. You know what's really exciting, though? I'm not in charge of food - the workshop provides all that. Woo-hoo! Love it when someone else is cooking!

While I'm gone, my husband and one daughter will be left to their own devices with regard to food. Oh boy. My husband doesn't cook. He doesn't even grill. We've tried several times. It's bad. Inside is no better. Whenever I've been out of town before (and the kids were much younger) I've come home to hear stories about how Dad served only Tater Tots and ice cream.

The only daughter home this time is 20 years old (and vegetarian). You'd think she'd be adept in the kitchen. Not so much. She'd much rather be out having fun filming her home-made Superhero movie.      Here's an action shot --->

Although she's a Dean's List student and has plenty of academic achievements to her name, she's a goofball when it comes to cooking. We still talk about the time she mistook flour for powdered sugar when making frosting. Blech! And the time she thought that 2 1/4 cups flour meant two one-quarter cups. She brought me the recipe and asked, "Why don't they just say a half cup, then?" Yeah, she's *that* bad. But we love her anyway.

I'll be gone until Sunday and when I get home I won't be in any mood to cook. We'll go out. No question about that (evil laugh). What I'm most interested in is how the two of them will manage food-wise while I'm gone. Will they starve? Definitely not. But I'm sure they'll have lots of interesting survival stories for me when I finally get home.

Are you the main chef in your family? What happens when you take time off from the kitchen? And do you have any suggestions for my hungry husband and daughter as they scavenge through our leftovers?

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