Monday, July 2, 2012

Wanted: TV Advice for a Puzzled Shopper

by Kate Collins

Dateline USA: Writer needs advice as to where to shop for TVs, which TV to shop for, and when to buy. Please send replies to me, here, now. Please?

I’m in the market, or will be soon, for a new TV for my bedroom. I was thinking of getting something in the 32-37” range and thought picking one out would be a simple decision. That was until I started reading up on it. Consumer Reports has always been my go-to source, so I read their March 2012 article on TVs.  Now I’m more confused than ever. Here’s why.

First, do I buy LCD or plasma? Lots of choices if I want LCD, but viewing the picture from one side could be a problem. Plasma sets don’t have that problem. They also don’t come in small sizes very often. So basically, I’m limited to LCD. Right?

Second, is the ratings. The top TV brands for 32” sets was different than the top brands for 37” sets.  Why is that? If LG makes the best 37”, wouldn’t it just seem that they’d also rate as well in all sizes? Ha. Not so.  Thus, in order to get one of the highest ranked sets, or alternatively, not one that’s rated low, I’ll have to take my magazine with me.

Third is where to buy.  CS’s article in the June 2012 issue on the best places to buy electronics listed local appliance stores first, hhgregg second, and I don’t remember after that. My brain was on overload. Maybe Amazon. But what if there’s a problem with the set? What does Amazon do?

Fourth, there are way more brands, many that I’ve never even heard of, being sold than are listed in the ratings guide. Colby? Where did that come from?

Fifth, should I wait for holiday sales or just watch the fliers that come with the newspaper? Is there a better time to buy?

So here I sit, waiting for your helpful advice. Anyone buy a TV lately? Work in an appliance store? Have any recommendations? I would greatly appreciate the help. 
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