Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Updates + New Release Day

by Maggie Sefton

Hi, everyone.  I wanted to give you a  quick update on the Colorado wildfires.  Thanks to all those brave firefighters who put their lives at risk to save people's homes and our mountains, the High Park wildfire northwest of Fort Collins is now 95+% contained.  It's been cold and out completely on the eastern edges of the fire zone, closest to Fort Collins, for a week now.  Last week, all of the people who had been evacuated were allowed back into their neighborhoods and back to their homes---or what was left of them.  258 homes were burned.  That's out of 87,000 acres.  So, you can see what a fantastic job the firefighters did in protecting lives and property.  Only one person died in the High Park fire.  An older woman in the Rist Canyon area (called Bellevue Canyon in the Kelly Flynn Mysteries).  They think she didn't pay attention to the phone alerts.

On the other hand, the horrible wildfire burning near Colorado Springs is still only 30% contained.  Over 350 homes have been lost as well as two lives---a husband and wife.  And this wildfire is right on the edge of Colorado Springs, the second largest city in Colorado!  Frightening.  We all have friends and/or relatives or loved ones in that area.  Just as so many people had friends/relatives/loved ones in the High Park wildfire area.  These wildfires affect us all.  This late spring and summer heat wave has been brutal.  We've had upper 90s and into 100s since June began.  And these last two weeks, half of the entire U.S. has been sweltering with those same temps.  And they have humidity!!  Yikes!  I remember how dreadful that was.  Share with us what's happening where you are.  Are you sweltering?  Or comfortably warm and relaxed?  Tell us.

Meanwhile----don't forget to check out two of our Cozy Chicks' latest releases.  Ellery Adams has the first in her new series, the Charmed Pie Shoppe series, released today, July 3rd:  PIES AND PREJUDICE.  Check it out.

And Lorraine Bartlett, who has the Booktown Mystery series as Lorna Barrett, has her 6th book out, MURDER ON THE HALF SHELF, and it's in hardcover for the first time.

So please take a look at both and support our Cozy Chicks.    


Shirley said...

Got both today.

Maggie Sefton said...

Good for you, Shirley. Enjoy.

Aurian said...

The books are on their way to my home. I just finished Unraveled, which I buy in paperback. Wish you would come on Twitter like some other cozy chicks :) Review will be posted on my blog soon.

I am very sorry to read about the wildfires, still not under control. I hope some of the rain we are getting here in Holland in abundance drifts your way.