Saturday, July 28, 2012

THE Heather Blake Interview - By Ellery Adams

Ellery: I am so excited for the August release of A Witch Before Dying: A Wishcraft Mystery. Do you do anything special to celebrate a new release?

Heather: I wish I did! I think I should. Maybe I should start having celebratory pie (banana cream is my current favorite).  Any reason to have pie is a good reason, right?

Ellery: Darcy Merriweather must be a delight to write – she has so much fun! Can you give us a sneak peak about something she gets into in A Witch Before Dying?

Heather: Darcy is an interesting character. She’s new to the whole witch thing, so we as readers are learning the ropes along with her. In the first book she’s struggling to figure out who she is and what she can do, but in the second book she’s really starting to embrace her heritage.

She works for her aunt Ve’s business (a personal concierge service), As You Wish, which is appropriate since they’re witches who can grant wishes (Wishcrafters). In this book, As You Wish is hired to clean out the house of a missing hoarder, and Darcy ends up granting a wish that reveals where the woman is—under the piles of clutter. But her death is no accident.

Ellery: Tell us something Darcy would do that you would never do.

Heather: Ha! Probably hang out with a talking mouse and a chatty macaw with a movie fetish. I love the familiars in these stories—they’re some of my favorite characters.

Ellery: Is Miss Demeanor (Missy) modeled on a real life pooch? Do you have any pets at home?

Heather: She’s not and for specific reasons (no spoilers here!), but I always have pets in my books. I think they tell a lot about the characters who interact with them. Personally, I don’t have any pets right now (unless you count the wild bunnies and birds we feed). I’m about to have an empty nest (next year), and I think a pet is on the horizon...

Ellery: Is there a magic food you reach for when you’re working on a Wishcraft novel? Something that really gets you going need you need a little boost of energy?

Heather: It’s not a food, but I’m addicted to Dr Pepper and always have some when I’m on deadline (and by “some” I mean it’s practically an IV drip).

Ellery: The Wishcraft mysteries seem like a blend of several genres. Can you explain which ones you’ve mixed together to create the setting for the Enchanted Village and unforgettable characters like Harper and Aunt Ve?

Heather: Technically it’s a paranormal romantic mystery, though the mystery element is the strongest. Paranormal because of the magic—the wishes granted, other Crafters (witches) who can disappear into thin air, the familiars, etc. Romance because Darcy is discovering love again after a nasty divorce, but the man who’s knocking down the walls around her heart has his own secrets. And of course the mystery—the driving theme that brings it all together.

Heather's daughter drew Pepe, the mouse
I think the common thread in all my books (magical or not) are the characters. I try to write characters who readers can relate to in one way or another. Ones who are flawed yet likable. Who will make you laugh—or cry. Really, they’re like old friends.

Ellery: If you had to cast a famous actress as Darcy, who would you pick?

Heather: I haven’t quite found one yet who matches the character in my head. But I’m open to suggestions!

Ellery: And lastly, have you made a wish recently? Did it come true?

Heather: I have and it did! Maybe I’ve got a little magic in me, too. :)


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A Witch Before Dying - Pre-Order on Amazon or

When Darcy is hired by Elodie Keaton to clean up her missing mother’s disorderly home, the Wishcrafter is certainly up for the task. After all, the motto of her Aunt Ve’s personal concierge service As You Wish is “No Job Impossible.” But beneath the piles of old newspapers and knickknacks, Darcy discovers something much more disturbing: Patrice Keaton’s body.

Darcy’s determined to give Elodie peace of mind by investigating her mother’s disappearance and death. Patrice was last seen over a year ago after a fight with her Charmcrafter boyfriend. Was her murder a crime of passion? Or were Patrice’s troubles caused by the Anicula, a wish-granting amulet? Now Darcy has to find not only a killer but also the Anicula— before the power of ultimate wish fulfillment falls into the wrong hands…

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