Monday, July 23, 2012

Round the Clock Coverage ….. Again!

by Kate Collins

The tragedy in that Colorado movie theater was horrific. No one will argue that, and I know your heart and mine went out to those injured and those left bereft.  Having lost my beloved soulmate, I know the terrible, ceaseless heartache death brings. But really, did all the television channels have to cover it all the time?

Maybe it’s just me, but my sense of it was that of a piranha feeding frenzy. The news shows, the morning shows, the evening news, couldn’t wait to get their top reporters out there to interview everyone even remotely connected to the shootings. Hour upon hour of it.

After one entire morning of it, I just got angry and turned the TV off. The news media took what was indeed a true horror and made it into a side show. Sure I wanted to know what was going on, but after the first full morning of coverage, couldn’t we just get updates?

Do you feel that way, or am I off base?
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