Friday, July 27, 2012

Road work ahead!

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

What is it with men and their toys?  I'm taking about bulldozers and machines that eat up the asphalt, spitting it into big dump trucks.

At this moment, my street is hemmed in by construction.  To the south, they've got traffic going one way east.  To the north, they've got four lanes narrowed to two, with so many back ups you have to sit for a good ten minutes to turn left--that is if some kind person will actually LET you out. I wish I had the option of staying home for the foreseeable future, but there are chores to be done (grocery shopping), and other places I need to get to.

What idiot in the highway planning department decided it would be good to tear up two parallel roads at the very same time?  Two very BUSY parallel roads? I travel both roads often and while the one to the south was a bit dodgy, the one to the north appeared perfectly fine to me.  Mind you, a section of the one to the south had work done several years.  Traffic was tied up for months while they scraped up the asphalt, put in new curbs and then put down new asphalt.  Pity that while they had it torn up they didn't actually fix the road, which is still so bumpy driving down it feels like a carnival ride.

Whose bright idea was it to start major construction on these roads at the end of July?  This tells me they will be frantically trying to finish the job(s) come November.

We have two seasons here, winter and construction.   What season are you living in?


Aurian said...

Lol, construction is year round here, but they do believe there is less traffic in the summer vacation, when half the country has gone abroad, so that is when they tackle the major highways and such.
And I agree that it can be very difficult to find an alternative route to home/work.
And how about when the road is finished, and two weeks later they dig it up again to put some new cables in? or drainage systems? Somehow civil servants cannot coördinate or communicate with each other.

Sue said...

You should live here. They reapair a road just so they can tear it up again. I can't think of too many roads here in Cedar Rapids that aren't torn up to some extent. And if that's not enough, they have parking lots at,not one, but TWO of our schools torn up and school starts August 15. Gotta love those orange cones, after all it is your tax dollars at work!

Mare said...

I haven't been subject to any in years. That being said, I'm certain that I've jinxed myself. We live on a one block road. It could get very ugly. Good luck and I'll wish for many good Samaritans in your area.

Susan L. said...

We have year-round construction here, but at the end of May, they posted a sign that one of the two streets (and the busiest) that leads to the burgeoning town just to the north of us (and where the nearest library branch is) was going to be under construction all summer (starting June 3). Now, we have to go halfway around the world (it seems) to be able to go to that library branch. I have no idea what they are even doing to the road because they didn't feel the need to tell us that! We live in a new subdivision, though, and (although our street is alllllmost finished...thank goodness!) there have been several construction vehicles blocking the street. I wish those vehicles could coordinate and not block both sides of the street, rendering travel to your house nearly impossible.

Linda McDonald said...

My sister was just visiting and they rented a house during their time here. Wouldn't you know it...major construction on the same street. The first time my mom and I went to visit them there, we had to make this big detour and wondered if we were even going to find the place. It all worked out, and luckily the construction only lasted the first week of their vist.