Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Retirement Planning Already?

I’ve had major focuses over the decades, probably much the same as yours.

In my teens it was all about boys and dreaming of a life free of parents and all their rules.

Twenties were devoted to men, sorting through the lot of them to find the right one for me. They sure do take up a lot of time, don't they?

Thirties were a blur of activity, raising the kids the best I knew how while maintaining 'us' as a couple.

My forties were devoted to plotting to get rid of the kids while wondering what to be when I grew up.

Next (boy, those years are flying by) the fifties, when I launched my writing career. Yes, I was exactly 50 when my first mystery was published.

Now in six months, the big 6-0!

And what am I thinking about the most? Having fun in work and play.

What am I supposed to be thinking, or rather, worrying about, according to the nay-sayers? Retirement, that’s what.

I love my job, have no plans to retire, but I’m researching a little and starting to plan.

As with everything in my life, I’m a late bloomer.

The experts say I should have started saving in my twenties? Really? But I was busy and broke for most of it. Since I didn’t do it right, I’m supposed to cut back, put it all away, stop eating out, no more vacations? You have to be kidding.

I’m afraid to take the online calculator test. You know, the one that tells you how prepared you are. I’m here to tell you, I do not have five years of income put away. Geez.

I hope the key ‘later’ in life, is to find something to do that you really love, something that brings out your passion. And make some cash doing it. That's my whole plan - write stories until the very end.

In my sixties, I am going to put a little more away and learn to live with less. But I’m also going to remember what George Burns said, “Retirement at sixty-five is ridiculous. When I was sixty-five I still had pimples.”

Have a great day no matter where you are in your journey.
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