Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh Water, Where Art Thou?

Here in Wisconsin and across much of the U.S., we are in the grip of an extended severe drought. Last measurable rainfall was in May, that’s over 50 days of brutal heat in the 90s, barely a cloud in the sky. On the fourth of July our corn was knee high. It still is. By now those stalks should be twelve feet high.

Grass is dormant, which is perfectly fine. And I plant mostly perennials that can withstand an average drought. Only this one isn’t average. Bushes, trees, all wilted, withering, dropping leaves. Our small local communities are asking us to help water trees lining the streets.

I wish I had X-ray vision so I could take a peek at the water table and determine if that’s okay or not. Should I be using such a precious human need on plants? I don’t know.

My vegetable garden is getting its fair share though. Green tomatoes are forming on the vines, kale is hearty and strong, beets are offering up their greens while the rest of their work is going on underground. I’ve heavily mulched the potatoes with straw.

But it’s time consuming! And the heat permeates the house in spite of the central air conditioning.
I haven’t been writing much. The creative portion of my brain went on vacation without putting in a request.


We need rain, lots of it. I’ve tried a rain dance. Didn’t work. I washed my car. Still no rain. I worry about the robins. Their food source is deep underground.

I really like this image I found online.

For one thing, it reminds me of a simpler life.

For another, I enjoy seeing a woman sitting while her husband works:)

Hope all of you are surviving, if not thriving.

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