Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mixing Genres - Does It Work or Do Readers Want More of the Same?

By Ellery Adams

There's something a little daunting about writing a novel that crosses genre lines.

If you think about how a bookstore or library is organized, the categories are very defined: Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Fiction & Literature, etc.

Before I began writing Pies and Prejudice, the first book in my all-new charmed pie shoppe series, I thought about why I like to prepare food so much and I decided that it's the blending of unique ingredients that makes the experience so rich and rewarding.

I was terrified to combine a culinary mystery with fantasy elements and a sprinkling of romance because I'd never done it before. And what if it didn't do a good job right and it came out of the book-making factory looking and feeling like two-day-old fish? I was scared, but I really wanted to stretch my wings as a writer so I gave it a shot.

I know many of you read beyond the mystery genre. But I was wondering if you've read a book recently that combined more than one genre and really impressed you?
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