Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Was A Literary Snob

By Hannah Reed/Deb Baker

Remember this 1981 movie with Candice Bergen and Jacqueline Bisset? It’s a great story of long-time friendship between two women. One becomes a ‘serious’ author of literary fiction. The other writes bestselling 'trash' for the masses.

I loved Rich and Famous! It still resonates with me.

Because, you see, once upon a time I was a literary snob, reading high-brow literature, determined to write the next great American novel. But when I sat down to accomplish my goal, a little feisty 66 year old woman from the Michigan Upper Peninsula started telling her story. She ripped the keyboard right out of my hands and took off with her whacky and weird adventures.

At first I was embarrassed. This wasn’t part of the big plan. Yet she wouldn’t quit talking to me, and so Murder Passes the Buck was born, along with three more Gertie Johnson novels plus a Christmas short story.

Since that first book, I’ve readjusted my attitude, thanks to my readers. They tell me how much fun my stories are. Emails come from some who are facing life-threatening diseases. My books make them feel better, at least for a little while. Now I write for real people, to entertain them, make them smile, improve their day.

As Hannah Reed, I'm proud to pen the Queen Bee mystery series. I hope my books bring smiles and the occasional snort of laughter.

From my lofty perch on high, I've fallen back to earth.
And it's exactly where I belong.

Literary success? Or commercial success? Which would you pick?
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