Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good-bye Texas!

by Leann

I have been packing boxes for more than six months in anticipation of our move. Wexford helped along the way, Rosie was nervous and watched everything with worried eyes. When you read this, I will be in South Carolina with Rosie and Wexford starting on the next great adventure in my life. My husband drove me here and flew back to finish up the move--to dot the i's and cross the t's.

We moved to Texas from western New York many, many years ago. My son was six weeks old. My daughter was born in Houston. Many wonderful things happened here. I wrote 12 novels in our Texas home and too many short stories to count. I watched my children grow into amazing adults, go to college in Aggieland (and had one defect to the University of Texas for a couple years). The kids got married and moved far away. I have two granddaughters I hardly get to see. My friends, aside from my fantastic writer's group, left here long ago. The life of a writer is lonely, but mine has been especially so because invisible fatigue-causing illnesses have imprisoned me. 

In South Carolina, I will have friends right around the corner--friends we've had for more than thirty years. The air is free of chemicals, I will see the leaves change every year again, and I will write my books looking out on a beautiful lake (once we get our house built--next challenge!) And though sometimes there are soaking rains due to East coast hurricanes in South Carolina, we won't have tropical weather uprooting giant trees in our backyard. We won't have to race north up the freeway when there's a storm in the Gulf. I won't miss the big storms. Not one bit. But a part of my heart will always be in Texas. See, I leave behind my three wonderful cats--Indigo, Archie and Agatha--who are buried in the flower garden. I will always think of them when I think of Texas.

What about you? Have you faced major transitions in your life where conflicting emotions make you just a little crazy?
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