Friday, July 6, 2012

Free for thee

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

After a lot of messing about, my first published novel, Murder On The Mind,  is FREE for download on Kindle, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords.  (Don't feel bad those of you with Nooks or Sony E Readers, you can download the appropriate file for your reader by going to Smashwords!)

It took a LOT of finagling to get the book free, including asking friends (and even a few strangers on Facebook) to get Amazon to lower the price.  So, if you've got a reader -- feel free to download.  (Sorry, those of you in Europe, but readers with Kindles in the U.K. -- go for it!)  Tell your friends to download the story.  I dare you!

Wait, you're probably saying, by allowing THOUSANDS of people to download the story, aren't you losing a LOT OF MONEY?

It's a gamble.  I'm betting that 90% of those people who download the story will never buy the rest of the books in the series, but if 10% of them buy the books, they might tell their friends, who might tell their friends, and FINALLY the books may find an audience. 

This blog attracts cozy readers, and we're forever grateful for that.  But some of us cut our teeth in other (sub)genres.  Did you know that Kate Collins and Maggie Sefton both started out as historical romance authors? Heather Webber wrote romances, too. Besides the Queen Bee mysteries, Deb Baker has two other series under her belt.  Before she wrote the Cats in Trouble mysteries, Leann Sweeney wrote the Yellow Rose Mysteries.  Ellery Adam has always written cozies -- but under two other names (J.B. Stanley and Jennifer Stanley).  Julie Hyzy's first series was the Alex St. James Mysteries (and she also writes darker mysteries under the name N.C. Hyzy--NC for "not cozy").

So if you're game to try our other writing, it's all out there waiting for you.  But first -- give Jeff a chance.  Why not?  The story is up there for free!
P.S.  In case you hadn't heard, the 6th entry in the Booktown Mystery series is now available.  You can find it here.


Julie Hyzy said...

I've read MURDER ON THE MIND, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm telling all my friends today to pick it up while they can. Of course, I know they'll be hooked on the series as soon as they read this first one. They'll thank me later. What are friends for?

Adrienne said...

I discovered, read, and loved Murder on the Mind. So even tho I can't take advantage of the free-be, I'll be buying more in this series because I'm hooked! Thank you for explaining how these things work as Julie did in her recent blog. It really helps to learn the 'inside stories'. Continued good luck!
Adrienne in MN

Dru said...

I love the Jeff Resnick series and I'm letting my friends know about the free download.