Sunday, July 8, 2012

Did I Fall Off the Stupid Truck?

by Leann

Many of you who follow our blog know we have our house for sale. You can imagine how excited we were to get more than one offer right away. We chose what we thought was the best deal. We signed an earnest money contract. We started packing with a fury. We made plans on how we would accomplish our impending move.

There were red flags, there was fine print. I didn't ask the right questions. Not once but twice the prospective buyers had me drop what I was doing so they could "look again." On one of the occasions, I was in the middle of grocery shopping and though I wasn't finished, I checked out, rushed home, hurriedly gathered my pets and crammed them into the car so my presence would not be felt. (Don't want people to actually think we LIVE in our house, after all.) Then, four days later, after we believed everything was settled, I got another call. The buyer wanted another look.

That's when I got that sick feeling in my stomach that all was not as I thought it was. But though I had just come from the chiropractor because dragging litter boxes and a big cat into my car numerous times--oh, and dealing with a very strong little hyper dog--had taken a toll on my body, I did as I was told. Cat, dog, crate, litter box all went into my car and off I went to wait out this latest "has to be right now" visit. The call that the "contract has been terminated by the buyer" came shortly after. They found something better.

Great. I didn't understand the little "option" clause that basically said for $100 we would be required to take our house off the market while the buyers who put their names on a contract were free to keep shopping. In other words, we got jerked around. The contract meant everything to us and nothing to them.

This has been a problem for me all my life. I believe people will do the right thing, will act with integrity and will consider how their actions affect others. These people used the law to their advantage. They got what they wanted. I hope they bought a wonderful house. What they won't have, nor do they deserve, is an awesome house that has withstood storms and hurricanes, has been filled with laughter and joy and a loving family for more than twenty years.

This is a good karma house. For those people, karma might end up being a bitch. And, for the happy ending, we got a better offer 2 days later from people who fell in love with this good karma house immediately. Everything happens for a reason. :-)

How about you? Did you have a major disappointment that in the end turned out to be the best thing that could have happened? I'd love to hear.
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