Tuesday, July 24, 2012

California. . .Here We Come!

by Maggie Sefton

Yes, I'm about to travel again.  To California, this time.  East Coast last week.  West Coast this week.  And in case you wondered, yes. . .the time difference always messes up my sleep schedule after I return from every trip.

The "we" is me, moi, Maggie. . .and hundreds and hundreds (about 3000 usually) readers and writers who will flock to Anaheim, CA and the Marriott Hotel to attend the Romance Writers of America 2012 Conference.  It is probably the largest reader/writer conference in the country every year.  Back in the days when I was writing historical romances (1990s+) I attended RWA every year.  Wouldn't miss it.  RWA had the very BEST workshops and sessions on all aspects of the writing business and the craft of writing good fiction.  No matter what genre, the principles of good fiction remain the same.   I was unable to attend after 1997 (due to a severe shortage of funds following my divorce.  :)  And once I started writing mystery and selling mysteries, I was too busy attending mystery conferences to go to the considerably more expensive RWA conference.

But----I had missed those large gatherings of readers and writers.  Mostly readers, though.  I always met the most interesting people at those gatherings.  And made friendships.  And they were a lot of FUN, too.  So----this year I decided to re-join the organization and register for the conference.  I'll be promoting and handing out postcards for both the new Molly Malone Suspense series, DEADLY POLITICS, as well as the Kelly Flynn Mysteries, and the latest CAST ON, KILL OFF.  I'll be participating in two large signings while there---Wednesday night, July 25, 5:30--8:30pm, Literacy Signing.  All proceeds go to a local literacy group. And Berkley Prime Crime is having a signing on Saturday, July 28, 9:00--10:30am.  And starting Thursday there are workshops and sessions of every description and interest.  No exaggeration.  This is going to be so much fun.  :)

If any of you live near Anaheim and want to meet at the Marriott Hotel, Convention Center, email me.  There's a large Starbucks there.   I love to meet Cozy Chicks Bloggers.


Book Dragon said...

I live so close to Anaheim I could attend each day (all day) and still sleep at home! Too bad I'll be on vacation :-(

Hope you have a fabulous time and meet lots of Cozy Chicks Bloggers

Aurian said...

One day, I will come to America and attend one of those great conventions.
I wish you lots of fun Maggie!

Maggie Sefton said...

Thanks, Book Dragon. Enjoy your vacation!

Maggie Sefton said...

Thanks, Aurian. I'm here already and enjoying myself. :)