Saturday, July 14, 2012

Because It's Made With Love?

I’m a big fan of weekends. Having most of the family home. Movie marathons. Time to catch up on the little things...

But one of my favorite things about the weekend is that Mr. W makes my coffee for me.

Such a little thing, but sometimes all those little things add up, don’t they?

But beyond the little things adding up, his coffee is GOOD. 

It's always better than mine, though we follow the exact same steps. Why? Why, I ask you???

But then again, have you noticed (or is it just in my family) that food (and coffee) are almost always better when someone else makes it for you?

My father-in-law’s cacciatore is always better than mine, though it’s his recipe. My daughter’s favorite food is mac and cheese, and she makes it all the time. Yet, when I make it for her (using the same recipe) she claims my version is better. And the list goes on.

Does this happen to you, too? And if so, why do you think this is? 

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