Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Summer of Ice Cream

By Ellery Adams

June is National Dairy Month and while I love milk and cheese, they don't hold a candle to the almighty ice cream.

A few fun ice cream facts: The Roman Emperor, Nero, enjoyed ice with bits of crushed fruit. This was the ancient world's form of ice cream.

In times of economic angst, ice cream sales increase. During the Great Depression, the outbreak of WWII, and our recent recession, people have reached for ice cream for  comfort.

I don't eat much ice cream (frozen yogurt, frozen custard, sherbet, gelato, or Popsicles) during the rest of the year, but during the summer I want it nearly every day!

As a country, Americans prefer vanilla over any other flavor. Really? That's so...vanilla!

I've noticed I've gone through ice cream phases in my life. When I was little, my favorite flavor was Pralines 'n Cream by Baskin & Robbins. In my 20s, I was obsessed with Starbuck's Java Chip ice cream.

And now? I can't stop swinging by our local Sweet Frog franchise. I always pick the Original Tart and load fresh berries on top. (Unless I'm feeling naughty and then I'll pick candy and chocolate sauce and skip the fruit)

What's your favorite frozen treat?

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