Sunday, June 24, 2012

Selling a House Causes Weight Gain!

by Leann

We finally put our house on the market this week. Big hurdle jumped! Yay! But the Realtor suggested when she calls to tell us someone wants to see the house, that we take the dog and the cat with us for the hour of the showing. Take the litter box, hide the food, and the dog bed. Oh, and the scratching post. Friday was pure chaos with barking dog and screeching cat wondering why I thought I could disrupt their world. They do have a schedule and why didn't I know this?

We made it through the turmoil and Saturday did the whole routine again. My husband took the dog, this time. Whew. Less chaos. Just an angry cat to deal with. Friday, I'd gone to Sonic and had tater tots and a carmel-coffee milkshake. Or should I say, the dog and I had tater tots and a carmel-coffee milkshake. Saturday I stopped at Dunn Brothers Coffee and treated myself to a "Real Raspberry LaCrema." Talk about yummy!!! Then I joined my husband at Sonic and enjoyed mozzarella sticks. Not only is this costing me money, I probably gained 5 pounds for just two showings!

I have been ill since 2005 and have lost a lot of weight, so I do need those milkshakes (or so I am telling myself), but I don't think a coffee milkshake everyday is exactly what I need. Next showing? I think a yogurt smoothie at Mickey D's is in order. It is the only thing on their menu I will drink. Very Berry. Yup. Got it all planned out. And perhaps a cheeseburger for the dog. Wexford the cat? He wants NOTHING to do with any of this. In fact, he'll probably hide from me until we sell the house.

How about you? Any house selling stories to tell? I'd love to hear them! :-)
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