Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Queen of the Jungle

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

She walks among them, fearless, confident in her reigning power.

She lives in Shangri-La. Nine glorious acres of hardwoods with the lower creatures - raccoons, opossums, deer, squirrels, chippies, and turkeys.

The Queen treats them well, considers them part of her royal court.

 But just let the ruling cat from a neighboring fiefdom show up. He has ten pounds on the Queen and has a full set of retractable claws, which she doesn't, considering the palace has certain requirements. But that doesn't stop her from defending her turf.

She's incredible fierce.

And effective.
He quickly retreats.

Just another day in the life of the Queen of the Jungle. Inside the palace, a feast awaits the magnificent victoress.

Who, pray tell, rules your kingdom?
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