Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm a Daydream Believer

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

When I was a kid, I used to get in trouble at school for daydreaming. (I suppose now it's called ADHD.) The honest fact is, I used to spend a lot of my waking hours thinking about the TV shows I'd watched the night before and who I would have made each story better.  I guess all that daydreaming served me well as training for my current career as an author.

I still spend a lot of time daydreaming.  It's how I get my ideas for the books I write.

At this time, I'm thinking about my next Victoria Square mystery.  Not the one I handed in almost a year ago (One Hot Murder, most of which was written during the scorching summer of 2011 and wont be published until February 5th, 2013), but the next one (to be published in 2014).

When I can't sleep at night, I find myself thinking about the teas my Victoria Square heroine Katie Bonner planned to serve her guests at the English Ivy Inn (from cucumber and cress sandwiches, to scones, cookies, and cakes), to the flowers in her cottage garden (cosmos, foxgloves, and plenty of old roses).  I've furnished the place hundreds of times--every bedroom, the parlors, kitchen, and dining room.  Even the gazebo in the backyard (which she had planned for weddings). 

I do the same thing for my Booktown mysteries, although not quite as much.  When I think of that series, I'm more apt to think about the characters opposed to the details of their surroundings or their hopes and dreams.  Tricia and Angelica have much different agendas than Katie.  Still, I'm getting geared up for the next book in that series (Murder On The Half Shelf, out July 3rd) and thinking about where the next book in the series will start and what will happen to the unfortunate victim.

So, what is it that you daydream about?


Brittney said...

I've always been a day dreamer as well. Still am. Lately I dream while working about all the things I want to write when I get home or the bookstore I would love to open. But as I'm still only 26 with a 3 year old at home and my husband and I trying to provide as well for my son as we can right now it's mostly just dreams. But I love coming here and reading what you girls write and of course reading your books. I think writers are all day dreamers, its what keeps their book new and fresh!

LD Masterson said...

Lorraine - I enjoyed this post but I need to take except with your line about HDHD - which I assume you meant to be ADHD. Although sometimes mis-diagnosed, ADHD is a very real and difficult medical disorder. Perpetuating the notion that's it's nothing more than "daydreaming" does a great disservice to the children who suffer with ADHD and their families.

Anonymous said...

L.D. I'm sure if I were a child in school today, I would be diagnosed with ADHD (yeah, that was a typo--fixed). I absolutely LOATHED school from the first day of Kindergarten until my last day in college. I always had a very hard time concentrating, and never have been very good at spelling. (Spell check is my friend!) My husband swears I'm dyslexic, too. Back then they DID call it daydreaming, and made you feel ashamed if you couldn't keep up with the rest of your class. I did well in some subjects and terrible in other (can you say Math?). I learned to write stories by trial and error, and perseverance.

Chaplain Jan said...

Lorraine, I'm in my mid-60s, diagnosed with ADD some years ago (as an adult in my 40s) & 90% of the notes home from my teachers (1 grade thru 12th) complained of my "daydreaming". You're right - it was called "daydreaming" - especially if you were female (males were more likely to be called "hyperactive" or "too impatient"). It wasn't until I went to college some years after high school that I was able to enjoy school. Now we know that in addition to the negative aspects of ADD/ADHD (and they can be devastating) there are some positive aspects as well: creativity being just one of them. So daydream on - just watch out for the tendency to procrastinate!

Francy said...

Off subject: WHY does it take so long to get the books printed?

We waite and wonder what is gonna happen next and the answer is SITTING at the publishers???

I protest this shabby treatment of your adoring public!! I wanna know know what is gonna not in 2013!

Please tell them to hurry up :o)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the truth is the book is sitting there. I handed in One Hot Murder last October. I estimate that my editor will probably read it this October. Likewise, I handed in the next Booktown (The Chamber Plot) in May. (Two months late.) My editor won't read that until at least January.

Every book is given a slot. I thought I was lucky when someone missed their deadline and my first book was moved up four months on the schedule. It was the WORST THING IN THE WORD THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED. The book, with a small publisher what depended on library sales, wasn't sent for review. No reviews, very few library sales. It tanked and went out of print in 10 months. So while I agree that a year or longer is a long time to wait for a new book, there are worse things for an author.