Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Horrible Heat!

by Maggie Sefton

I just returned Monday evening from a three-day writing business trip to Anaheim in Southern California, where it was a lovely early summer temperature of 81 degrees.  I returned to land Monday evening in Denver, Colorado’s airport to temperatures of 102 degrees.  Yep.  We were hotter than Southern Clifornia, even at 5000+ feet of altitude.  Phone calls home to friends in Fort Collins to check on the wildfire’s progress brought more surprises.  Fort Collins had temps of 101 on Saturday and---ready for this? ---103 degrees on Sunday---in the SHADE!  Another friend told me that neighboring Loveland, Colorado recorded 106 degrees in the shade.  Yikes!

What is up with these temperatures?  We’ve broken all sorts of heat records in Colorado during this dreadful  Drought.  We NEVER had temps like that in June before.  Only in July in drought years did we go into triple digits, and then only for a couple of days in Fort Collins.   This totally unreal for us.  The only thing helping is that our usual low humidity levels are even lower---single digits.  If we had to endure high heat AND high humidity. . .well, that would be awful.  I remember how unbearably hot summers in  the humid East and Midwest were, and temps were in the high 90s then. 

No wonder the wildfires are still burning here in Colorado.  In fact, those horrible high temps were responsible along with wind gusts for stirring up that fire dragon on Friday and Saturday in Northern Colorado.  And now, there are even MORE wildfires burning all over Colorado.  Dry tinder igniting.  The photo is my daughter Serena when she was on a research trip in the South Pole, camping on the ice, searching for meteorites.  It makes me cooler to look at all that snow. 

So, everyone. . .tell us how hot YOU are?  What are your temperatures?     
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