Monday, June 11, 2012

Got Apps?

by Kate Collins

My cell phone has 3 pages of apps. Problem is, I use just 4 of them regularly: messaging, contacts, iphoto and Dice with Buddies (it’s so addictive.)  I have Yelp! but have never tried it. I have Flashlight, but can’t figure out how to get it to stay lit. I have English to Spanish translator  but it’s impossible to find anything on it.  I have ShopSavvy bar code reader, but forget to use it. Same with Price Grabber, QR Reader and ShopNoGMO.  And we’re not even talking about the standard Facebook, Kindle, Videos, iBooks, etc. that come with the phone.

It got me to wondering how many people use all the apps they put on their phones.

Today, I was reading the Sunday paper and saw a column on Applications. Perusing it, I found a totally absurd selection of apps like the one called Cake Fun! With it, you choose from selections of cake shapes, toppings and decorations, and can create layers of gorgeous cakes. Really?

Or Songify, where you create your own pop hits with an “auto-tuner” that lets you speak or sing into your phone to make catchy tunes.  Yeah, right.

Or the best of all, EasyShift, an app that lets you earn money at local stores by doing short shifts of work, like filling out surveys, (or carrying out groceries?) and you gain points that allow you to qualify for – ta da! – more shifts!  I’m not making this up.

I’ll bet some people will download those apps, too, but it won’t be me. I’ve called a moratorium on my application selection.

Do you use all your apps? Or are your pages cluttered with all those tiny icons that make finding what you want like hunting for the proverbial needle in a haystack?  What’s your favorite app and why?


Shel said...

I apparently have beat the app addiction for my phone. I had it bad when I had an iPad, though. On that one I had a Koi pond, a Zen garden, and lots of games. On my phone though, I've got the apps to an absolute minimum. The most used app is probably one called Our Groceries. It's a cross-platform list app - whatever I put on it is linked to my husband's phone. We have lists for the grocery store, Walmart, the hardware store, and Tiger Direct. I also use it to keep a list of out of print books for when I got to a used bookstore.

Amanda J Anson said...

I know what you mean the app craze is crazy. I try my best to keep only the apps i need and use on my phone. My most recent app I have fallen in love with is my Google Reader. It makes it easier for me to keep up with all the latest posts from all my favorite blogs. I keep several photo editing apps on my phone since I take a lot of photos with my phone. Despite how much I love my smart phone, I cant help but wonder if I was more orgnaized before I had a smart phone or not.

Diane P said...

You can group your apps into folders so you don't have so many pages.

Debra said...

Favorite app - fireplace showing a crackling fire.
Most used apps-Ravelry (best knitting site ever),
followed closely by Huff Post and WordWeb.
Best paid app- How To Cook Everything - Mark Bittman's recipes and techniques.
Must have app if away from home- Yankeemobile, pitch by pitch results.

Aurian said...

Lol I have 4 pages of apps, and I use about 12 of them regularly. And then there are some games I sometimes play when waiting or bored.

Kate Collins said...

I didn't know the apps could be grouped into folders! I'll have to explore further and see if I can figure out how to do that.
Aurian, what games do you play when you're bored? I'm ready to try a new game.