Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clutter Bug

by Leann

As I have been talking about for a long time, we are moving--headed to South Carolina to build a house on a beautiful lake. But there remains the challenge of clearing out more than twenty years worth of  well ... junk. The main culprit is my husband, who, without a doubt, would be a hoarder if not married to me.

We met with a Realtor this week and she pointed out that we have a lot of clutter. (NO KIDDING!) Clutter, she said, often translates to a "dirty house" in a buyer's mind. I believe her--even though we do not have a dirty house. But clutter. Oh, we have it. Lots of it. Mostly because parting with even one screw or nail is painful to Mr. S.

I learned this early on in our relationship, and when my requests for him to throw useless things away fell on deaf ears, I developed a method we could both live with. Every few months, I got a box and swept the papers, tools, junk mail, receipts, pens, notebooks ... okay ALL OF IT,  into that box. I then carried it to his side of the closet and left it there. I wasn't about to debate the foolishness of it all with someone who would argue with a brick wall. Needless to say, the boxes piled up over the years.

After the Realtor pointed out the clutter, the light bulb finally went off. I honestly believe, the man didn't really see it. It was part of the wall or the floor to him. This weekend, box after box of collected EVERYTHING came out of the closet. I can say without exaggeration that it filled our living room. Do we really need a Cabela's catalog from 1995? I think not. Although the prices do look awfully good, they aren't selling anything for $3.99 anymore.

I have been a very good girl, never saying I told you so, never pointed out that this time sink he has now found himself in could have been avoided. My guess is, after spending all this time in the equally junked-up garage in 90 degree heat and now this, the clutter bug might change his ways in the next house. I will so happy.

How about you? Any clutter bugs in your family circle?
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