Saturday, June 23, 2012

And One to Grow On

It’s birthday season in our house. Just in my immediate family, there is a b-day in May, June, July and two in August (soon to be three with the addition of our future daughter-in-law).

We’re not a big party family, and our birthdays are usually low-key, but there are traditions.

The kids always get helium balloons tied to their chair at the kitchen table.

We all get to pick what we want for dinner, whether it’s a fancy restaurant, junk food, or simply our favorite foods. Baby Girl this year wanted hot dogs and mac and cheese! I usually get Chinese food or pizza. Anything goes.

And, of course, we all pick our cakes (or pies as the case may be sometimes).

Son # 1 likes strawberry pie.
Son # 2 likes Boston Creme Pie (which is actually a cake)
Baby Girl likes Boston Creme Pie
Mr. W likes Boston Creme Pie or spice cake with vanilla frosting
And me? I like pumpkin pie or banana cream pie.

Really, I could eat pie all day and skip the special dinner. :)

And of course, there’s always a hitchhiker on the cakes. Grover. He’s another tradition and has been part of every birthday cake since the kids were little.

Isn’t he cute?

Do you have a favorite birthday cake? Or a special birthday dinner?
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