Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Blockbusters

by Ellery Adams

Boy, do I love going to the movies during the summer.

When the thermometer rises over ninety degrees, I love being in that dark theater, a bag of buttered popcorn on my lap and a giant cup of Coke Zero settled neatly into nook in the arm rest beside me.

Last year, I complained bitterly to anyone who would listen that it was a weak summer for movies, but 2012 promises to make up for last year's flops and disappointments.

Here's the list of what I know I'll go see.

 Snow White in armor? Charlize Thezron as the wicked queen? Oh, this is gonna be good!

This comedy looks absolutely hilarious. I think anyone who loved Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom is going to want to see this film.

Batman is my favorite superhero and director Christopher Nolan knows how to bring our his complexities. My only fear is the casting of Anne Hathaway as cat woman. Major mistake. You should have gone with Mara Rooney or someone with more depth, Mr. Nolan.

This one looks scary, but as terrified as I was watching Alien, I can't turn it off when it comes on TV. I like to be good and scared once in a while.

 This is just bizarre that I have to see it!
 I'm a big fan of thrillers. I love car chases and gun fights and twisty, turning plots. I think this one will deliver all of those and more. As far as Spiderman goes, I haven't been impressed with the casting of the last few movies, but I like the guy in this latest version. He's edgy and interesting, so I'll give the masked web maker another shot.

What about you? Are you planning to see any of these?

Which summer blockbusters, indy films, or sleepers do I need to add to this list?


Mirjam said...

Great list! I'm definitely planning to see Snow White and the Huntsman. In fact I can hardly wait! :)

BW said...

I can't wait to see "Rock of Ages". I love the music!!

Sara Rosett said...

There's a new Bourne movie? Count me in. Really liked those.

Now I just need a really good romantic comedy to balance out my movies. Sadly, nothing like that on the horizon...

Aryn said...

But, but, but....Matt Damon is not Jason Bourne in this one!!! WAAAAAHHHH!

Shirley said...

I like scary and bizarre so I am looking forward to Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Recently, I've seen The Raven, Dark Shadows, and Battleship, all good movies.

I love going to the movies when it's raining or really hot.

Breaunna Miller said...

Thanks for letting me know there is a new Bourne movie this summer! I am really looking forward to Dark Shadows. Everytime a commercial comes on for that movie I have to stop & watch. There are actually quite a few animated movies I want to see this summer too plus Men In Black 3 is definetly on my list.

Vicki said...

I also love the movies. Saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel recently. Didn't think it was my type originally, I'm a comedy, romance and action/mystery girl, but the more I read and saw on this one I wanted to see it. Loved it, beautifully shot movie. Excited about more Bourne!