Saturday, May 26, 2012

Purchases with "some assembly required"

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

It was hot yesterday, so Mr. L and I went to the store to buy an oscillating fan.  The box was square, and there was a small notation that there was "some assembly required."

SOME assembly required?

When we opened the box, we found that the only thing that wasn't assembled was the fan motor.  The instructions weren't of much help.  They had probably originally been written in Chinese and then translated to English.  Mr. L read and I did most of the assembly.

First, you had to put the legs together, then put on decorative pieces that hid the unsightly screws.  When the stand was completed, it was necessary to put the motor on the stand, which didn't want to go on.  After some fiddling, I got it on.  Next, attach the back of the blade guard, but first you had to take off a big plastic nut.  I put the back on, then the nut, then the fan blade, and then the front blade guard.

Okay, this only took about twenty minutes, but I swear it was the longest twenty minutes of my life.  Finally, the thing was finished and we plugged it in with trepidation.  Would it actually work?  Would it wobble for a minute or two and then fall apart in a heap?

I turned it onto low, then medium, then high.  Nothing blew up.  Nothing fell off.


What have you purchased lately that had "some assembly required?"
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