Monday, May 7, 2012

Is That a Wrap?

by Kate Collins

“Will that be to go?”

I’m the one in the restaurant who always answers "yes." Well, let’s qualify that. Unless the food is bad, I’m the lady with the leftovers.

I love leftovers and I’m not ashamed to ask for them to be wrapped. If I enjoy what I’m eating, I can’t wait to eat it again the next day. And now that I’m alone, those leftovers mean I don’t have to scrounge for something to eat, because I don’t usually cook for myself.

When family comes in, however, I pull out the pots and pans and get out my old favorite recipes and cook up a storm. And being a woman of the “cook once, eat three times” generation, boy do I have leftovers.

My favorites for reheating are: spaghetti, chili, beef stew made with a wine sauce, and Italian meatballs. (In case you’re interested, three of those recipes can be found in our brand new “Cozy Chicks Kitchen recipe book.

How about you? Do you clean your plate (also my generation) or are you like me, a leftover fan? Do you cook extra meals and freeze them? What are your favorites to reheat?
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