Monday, May 14, 2012

Grinding my teeth!

by Julie Hyzy

The last time I bought a coffee grinder, I did so in a hurry because my old one had pooped out. I rushed out to Target and picked up the best one I could find for the least amount of money. You know what they say about getting what you pay for, right?

Well, I despise my grinder for a whole bunch of reasons, not the least of which is that the cord is so short that I have to lean across the counter to hold the button down while it's grinding. Yeah, it's not a touch-and-go. Urgh.

After more than a year of this, I decided to treat myself to a better grinder and began a search online. I wanted one made in the USA, if possible. Unbelievably I found one right away at Dillard's. I don't have a Dillard's around here, but I could order it and have it shipped.

Here's the link to their site for you to see exactly what I saw: Krups Burr Grinder.  It says Made in the USA, right? I didn't misread that. In order to save a little money, I ordered it elsewhere, where the grinder cost less and shipping was free. Same item, but the description on the site didn't mention country of origin.

You probably guessed it. The grinder is NOT made in the US. It's made in China, which is where my last (awful) grinder was made. Not that one grinder's performance should impact another's, but I do *try* to buy American made whenever possible (not easy).

This model is the same as the Dillard's one, so I can only guess that Dillard's mislabeled it on their site. If I'd bought it from them, I could have returned it for that reason, but because I went elsewhere, I'm don't have that option. This has me grinding my teeth more than grinding coffee beans.

So, here's my question: Do you try to buy goods made in your own country? And do you experience frustration finding "home made" items?

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