Sunday, May 20, 2012

Everything I Need to Know About My Past, I Learned From Shredding

by Leann

The purging of all unneeded things continues in our house as we prepare to put our house on the market. Saturday was shredding day for me and garage cleaning day for my husband. At least I had air conditioning.

We did take 5 file boxes to a professional shredding company, but I thought I could handle the two garbage bags full of papers that somehow got overlooked. I was surprised to see our income tax returns FROM 1971. Yes. It was important to save those pieces of paper for 31 years.

I came across other things, though. Interesting reminders. For example I saw a perspective on the economy. In 1985, we paid $200 more for our mortgage than we do now. That was two houses ago! And we haven't downsized. Interest rates in the '80s were quite high. I discovered that though I thought my washing machine was about 12 years old when I traded it in for an HE model in 2010. Actually, it was 17 years old. Got my money's worth out of that sucker!

Reminders of all my pets who have died brought a few tears to my eyes. My three Shelties, the Bichon that was supposed to belong to my daughter (but who was my dog in the end), the kitties, the hamsters, the birds and all the litters of puppies we had. One of the Shelties I'd sold to a man in nearby town actually saved his family from a fire. I found out when he returned to buy another puppy the following year. Shelties sure are smart!

My trip down memory lane would have been fine if I'd remembered how monotonous shredding is. The memories were good for the most part, but I am glad it's done. Now we have plenty of packing material.

How do you manage all those pieces of paper that can't be thrown away? Do you shred as you go--or wait 30 years? :-)
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