Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bookstore Resurrection!

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

For several years now the reading/writing community has been watching with dismay as bookstore after bookstore closes down. Borders was a crushing blow, although not a surprise. Some beloved independent stores have shuttered up, some have changed hands, struggled.

The economy is one of the bad guys. Ebooks made the scene and did significant damage.

But I'm not here today to whine. I'm here to celebrate.

You see, I'm a bookstore list maker. At first, I used my list to send promotional material to bookstores when one of my books was coming out (before stamps were 45 cents a pop). I also still use the list to visit bookstores when I travel.

Sadly, for the last two years (or so) all I've been doing is crossing off stores as they close. My list has shrunk way down.

But wait, I think I'm seeing a shift back. Is that possible?

Just last week, I learned that:
  • Barnes and Noble is opening at an Oregon site and in Princeton, NJ
  • Stone Harbor NJ has a newbie - Stone Harbor Book Shop
  • So does Cape May NJ - Cape Atlantic Book Co.
  • And in Edgartown MA, Edgartown Books has reopened.
Although, what's with New Jersey? Are the readers there leading the revival? Let's spread the love across the country.

Any openings, reopenings you can share?
I want my list to grow and grow.

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