Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wouldn't you love to have a truly crisp cracker?

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

There are just some things in life that cannot be improved upon.  One of them is Jacobs Cream Crackers.

Several years ago, I received a package of these crackers in a Christmas basket of goodies.  I loved them.  They're especially good if you spread room-temperature butter over them, but they're great with cheese, and ... as it seems like I'm perpetually trying to lose weight, I eat them plain.

However, getting these crackers locally isn't all that easy.  So I ate them, and forgot about them.  And then I went on vacation earlier this year.  Guess what I ate nearly every day of my vacation?

You got it, baby--Jacobs Cream Crackers.  Oh ... they're wonderful.

So when I got home, I was determined to find them.  I knew where they had been bought (in the International section of my local Wegmans store), but that store no longer stocked them.  So every time I go into another Wegmans, I'd look, and hope.

Ha!  This week I hit the jackpot!  The Latta Road store had two packages.  So, I bought one.  And now I'm metering them out.  (Doh!  I should have bought both packages, because who knows when I'm going to find them again.)  They can be bought online can be bought online, but I worry about receiving them in good condition.  Let's face it, crackers crumble.  Would the USPS care for my crackers and keep them safe from being smashed?  Judging by the condition of the packets of  bookmarks I get from some of the Cozy Chicks, I think I'd receive a lot of crumbs.

So, I'll keep looking locally. 

Is there something you like to eat that's hard to find?


Katreader said...

I can't believe you didn't buy both packages! Here's hoping you can find more without too much difficulty...I'll have to check my Wegman's next time I go!

Victoria Hamilton said...

They aren't hard to find, but I looove rice crackers. They are so extremely crunchy, and I love the flavor, especially just the plain ones. I don't need anything on them, either!

Agathathebattleaxe said...

Come to the UK - they are in every food store here! You're right, they are delicious but we have come to take them for granted because they are so readily available. For a truly British flavour try with room temperature butter and Marmite!

Anonymous said...

I have had these too and I also received them in a holiday gift basket. I have to agree, they are very crisp, they are tasty with an herbed butter or herbed cream cheese. I have even dipped them in hummus. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

I loved Cadbury's chocolate and it was hard to find locally BUT THEN I found a local store that sells British foods. Jackpot baby! :)

HOWEVER - I got addicted to chocolate caramel chai tea and now they no longer make that flavor!!!! (sigh) I have to buy regular chai and do the chocolate caramel additions on my own.

Anonymous said...

Just let your Wegmans store manager know that you want him/her to keep on ordering the crackers. Managers really love to please their customers if they can.

ev said...

I am so jealous that you have a Wegman's. It was my biggest regret when I moved to Albany. And they don't plan on putting one here. The nearest one is over an hour away. If I find one when we are out camping or when I go home to visit, I stop.

I want my Wegman's.

Aurian said...

I would for sure have bought both packages, and thanked the store personnel that they had them, and asked if they always carried them.

I have been introduced to a type of potato chip last year, and now the only chain store that sold them, stopped. And they became my favourite from the very first bite. Ah well, at least I don't so much chips anymore.

ponyswimgal said...

Wow. I'm going to have to look for these around here. But considering these stores are more prone to stock kosher food than British imports, I may have a looooong wait. H'mm, think they might be in an Irish import store??

Anonymous said...

Do you have a Big Lots store in your area? The crackers were advertised in their weekly circular in today's Sunday paper.

Karen said...

They sell them on Amazon, if that's any help,