Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today is National Pet Day

By Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

Here in the U.S.A., today is National Pet Day. We sure do love our animal friends. Look at me for example, I’m a member of the Humane Society – nationally and locally. It’s our largest animal protection organization. I’ve also been known to make secret contributions to, dare I say it…I’ll whisper…peta! Sure, they are extremists, sometimes going overboard, but they do some hard work in difficult and sad situations.

I’ve also found another cool volunteer group called the Animal Miracle Foundation, which connects animal lovers, shelters, and rescues to find homes for orphans. They jumped in to save lives during Katrina.

If you are thinking of adding a new family member, please consider adoption through a reputable organization. And if you already have a special pet, take a moment to give thanks and to hand out tasty treats.

And treat yourself to a new sticky roller because you deserve it.
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