Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunny Sunday

by Maggie Sefton

I guess it's official. We got a very early Spring this year---it started in early March with really warm temps and no snow, which is highly unusual for us in Colorado. Now, it's an even prettier April, even warmer, and all our flowering bushes and trees are blooming! Last year after we'd had a warmer March, our April and May came with La Nina's chilly temps and lots of rain, even snow in May. Not so this year. Daffodils have pushed up through the ground along with all the other spring flowers. Birds are singing their "Spring" songs----yes, I can tell the difference in the way birds sing when they think it's Springtime. I'll bet you can, too.

Since last Sunday was Easter, lots of people were out enjoying the gorgeous weather and visiting. My daughters were in various places: New York daughter Melissa was at the famous Fifth Avenue Easter Parade, wearing the "bonnet" she decorated with several candy "peeps." Fairfax, VA daughter, Christine and family were spending Spring Break in Florida with friends and relatives; Arlington, VA daughter Maria was at a special sunrise service at Arlington National Cemetery; and Houston, TX vicinity daughter Serena was in Vancouver, BC for special "solo submarine" instruction for NASA.

And I was quite happily at home enjoying the gorgeous sunny day---and staying on schedule writing the next Kelly Flynn Knitting Mystery which is due on my editor's desk in June and checking the final "galleys" for the upcoming release of the first in my new mystery suspense series, Deadly Politics.  And, doing the final revisions to the 2nd in the series.

But I did get to play the role of the Easter Bunny and take a flower-filled basket to my Mom at the lovely Healthcare center, Columbine West, here in Fort Collins. And, yes----I also brought chocolate. :) I'm a smart Bunny.


Aurian said...

Well then you are in more luck than I am here in Holland. Two weeks ago the weather was nice, sunny and warming, but for over a week not it has been cold and gray and rainy again.
The only rays of sunshine are the daffodils with their bright yellow colors :)

Maggie Sefton said...

Adrian---I'm sorry your weather changed for the worst. I'm wondering what will happen this spring considering here in Colorado, we can regularly have snow in April and even May. We'll have to wait and see.