Friday, April 13, 2012

The Search Goes On

By Heather

You’d think that since we’ve done this before, searching for a college for my daughter (my youngest) would be easy. Nope!

We’ve seen big, medium, and small. We have a few more left to see, and she still doesn’t have an absolute favorite.

When you looked for a college, were there specific things that turned you off a school?

College should be all about the academics, but really, we've found that it just isn't.

For my daughter, dorms have ruined a few schools for her. Dark, dingy hallways and rooms just aren’t where she wants to spend four (okay, probably at least 2-3 before she moves off-campus) years. It makes a difference—not sure if schools realize that or not.

Another factor is, believe it or not, the food/cafeterias. We saw a school where the dining hall looked like something out of Harry Potter (and not in a good way). And another where there was one dining hall on campus--and the dorms were across campus... A definite con on her pro-con list.

Some of the smaller schools she loved—she really does like that atmosphere better (Mom, too!), but they don’t always have the academics she wants (undecided between zoology/art/languages). The bigger schools seem overwhelming. Maybe medium (like one of her brothers chose) will be just right...

Lots to think about over the next six months or so before she starts applying... Should be quite the adventure!

What drew you to your college? Was it the academics? The social factor? Were dorms and food factors for you?
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