Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scary, But Wonderful

by Leann

I had my book launch signing for The Cat, The Wife and The Weapon on Saturday and on my way there I witnessed something that at first felt like a disaster about to happen. My heart was pounding and I was terrified.

The road to the freeway to get to Houston and thus to Murder by the Book is almost a freeway itself. It's a four lane divided highway and though the speed limit is 45, people tend to drive a tad faster than that, myself included. Up ahead I saw something that had me put on the brakes. A tiny little dog, looked like a chihuahua puppy, came racing across the road, over the median and into oncoming traffic. He was motoring, too. Then, to my right came first a girl who looked to be about 10 and then a boy, maybe 14. They raced onto the busy road trying to catch the puppy. I was sure that dog would be dead and those kids would be hurt, too.

But what happened was absolutely wonderful. Everyone stopped. I mean everyone. And I was amazed at how many teenage boys were passengers in those cars up ahead of me. They clambered out of vehicles and the chase was on. As traffic remained at a standstill, thank goodness, they all gave chase. One guy even did a U-turn to block the little dog, and maybe slow him down. Didn't work, but so many people got out of the cars that the puppy realized going straight wasn't about to help his escape. He ran back across the highway to side I was on. Silly guy was trapped then, when he ran up to a door at a store in a strip center.

He was soon surrounded and gathered up by the children who would have been devastated had he been crushed by a 2,000 pound automobile.

I hummed and smiled all the way as I made the hour long drive into Houston. What a good feeling to see people come together to help in a little crisis--and protect both the dog and those kids who were afraid to lose him. Bravo, people of Friendswood! What a great thing to witness.
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