Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Little Dazzlers

by Leann

While I am away at the Malice Domestic Convention in Bethesda, I am scheduling this post ahead of time and thought I'd share a few pictures of my beautiful granddaughters. They were both lucky enough "dress up" in some cute duds and model for the online store The ads appeared last week, and I have to say, Maddie, the four-year-old had a wonderful time. Morgan, the baby, maybe not so much, but the one they added to the site was cute, cute, cute. Maddie will, I am sure, encourage her sister in the near future!

Here's my precious little pumpkins showing off some cool duds;

And here is one of my favorite pics of them--not done by any professional. Just the two of them caught in the act of having fun!
Oh ... and by the way, Grandma had to buy that pink dress for Maddie and one very much like it for Morgan! Love it!
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