Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maggie's Mea Culpa

I'm sorry, faithful Cozy Chicks Blog followers & readers.  I'm on the road and wasn't able to post early this morning as I've been doing since June 2006.  :)  I'm here in Northern Virginia at the home of old and very dear friends who I grew up with in Arlington.  You've heard me speak about Nancy & Diane (sisters) who are the closest thing to sisters I've every had.  Well. . .I arrived Monday right before dinnertime, and believe it or not----we've been going nonstop ever since I arrived.  I grabbed some good sleep Monday night (after getting on 3 hours Sunday night before catching 5:30am airport shuttle, and I'm planning to hit the hay in a few minutes after I post this blog.  :)  

Again.....apologies for not posting in my usual timely manner.  But----I'll make it up to you next week with news of my new E-book release in Barnes & Nobles' NookFirst program.  I'm really excited about it.  Meanwhile. . .I'm back home in Northern Virginia across the Potomac River from Washington, DC.  My old hometown.  Memories, memories.   It's always good to be home.  Today, Diane and I were all over Arlington and McLean areas of Northern VA----in some of the most truly stunning homes I've seen in quite a while.  And gardens filled with Spring's flamboyant display of azaleas, dogwoods, cherry tree blossoms, flowers which that early warm temps had brought into bloom.  Gorgeous.   


Aurian said...

I was missing my early morning fix of cozy blog ;) but I am glad you are having fun, so enjoy yourself!

Maggie Sefton said...

Thanks, Aurian. I bet you've got friends like that. :)