Friday, April 20, 2012

Fortune Telling

By Heather

I admit it. I’m a big believer in the universe telling me things. I call it cosmic communication.

Lots of times when I’m writing a book, I’ll start seeing things that relate to the book. A street name that’s the same as a character’s name, or a random TV show about one of my plots. Recently, as I’ve been working on my latest Lucy Valentine, which includes an animal communicator, I’ve seen a couple of shows about them.

Had never seen one before.

Cosmic communication telling me I’m on the right track.

At least that’s what I believe. And maybe because I believe, things like that come true. I look for it. I listen.

Another form of cosmic communication that I love is a fortune from fortune cookies. Rarely do I get a fortune that’s just nonsense. Usually it’s one that really pertains to my life—or my work.

Like this one. I’ve been holding on to it for almost ten years. I got this a week before I found out my Nina Quinn mysteries were going to be published.

More recently, I got this one:

The next day (THE NEXT DAY!) my agent called with the news that my Love Potion shop mysteries were going to be published (am hoping these will debut in 2013!).

Cosmic communication.

Are you listening?
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