Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cats Galore

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed
Last month might have been our official cat month, but April is shaping up to be about cats again with the Cozy Chicks. Ellery lost her beloved Pippin on Saturday, which as any animal lover knows, can be as painful as losing a human loved one. You can pay your condolences to her here in comments or on facebook, where so many of her friends are offering support.

On the brighter side of cats, another of Leann’s Cats in Trouble Mysteries came out yesterday. The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon, and sales are rocking. You can check it out by clicking on the cover. Isn’t it sweet?

Next, Mr. Deb/Hannah and I received a letter from the city regarding his business. The Milwaukee Common Council has adopted an ordinance that allows residents to establish outdoor cat colonies, and since an application was submitted within a certain radius of his building, we have to decide whether we want to support it or object to it.  What a no-brainer!

I didn’t know such a thing existed! How cool is this! According to the letter, a resident is certified for a feral cat colony through the Wisconsin Humane Society. Then the cats are trapped, brought in for spaying/neutering, vaccinations and other medical care, and returned to the neighborhood where their basic needs (like food and water) are met by the responsible resident.

This is like cat utopia. No more euthanasia, which hasn’t solved the population problem anyway. No more starving felines. With managed colonies, life on the street as homeless cats will drastically improve.

Doing a waggle dance for street cats! And if you don't know what a waggle dance is, you better read Buzz Off (A Queen Bee Mystery)
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