Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who Has Time for a Timeline?

by Leann

Many folks on Facebook already have the "timeline" page that will become mandatory in two days (no, Facebook is not a democracy). I have wasted much time trying to figure out the new way of doing things (yet again). Wasted because I cannot seem to figure out the pictures, aside from the "cover page" and the "profile picture." It only took me three days to get rid of TV shows that were canceled last season and two days to do the cover picture. I felt no joy in this. Just relief that I am not completely dumb. At least not yet.

Is this a reminder that I am getting old? If so, I do not need this. I already know I'm getting old. There was once a saying "if it's too loud, you're too old." I think that needs to change. It should now be "If you can't figure out your Facebook page in 12 hours or less, you're too old." AND if you can't ever figure out your Facebook page, you need to quit trying and read a book. Turning pages, not "fixing" pages, is simple, enjoyable and made for young AND old.

Facebook, can you tell I'm a teensy bit angry with you?

What about you? Frustrated yet?Link
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