Sunday, March 11, 2012

Watching Their Minds Work

by Leann

This past week we had landscapers come to see what we could do with our yard to get the house ready to sell. This particular landscaper worked on a house right near us and did a fantastic job. I must admit I was surprised at the two men who showed up.

They're brothers and look as different as day and night. Plus, they're "country boys"--as Texas as you can imagine, cowboy hats and all. My husband, after some discussion, asked me to do most of the talking since even though he's the outdoor guy and raises wonderful vegetables, landscaping is a whole lot different. He doesn't know about "curb appeal" but I do.

I didn't need to take too much of a lead. These two guys knew exactly what I wanted without me having to say too many words. It was like we were on the same page. Plus, they even acknowledged I had a few "darn good" ideas myself. I could see their vision and it was so neat to watch their minds at work. It was fun and exhilarating. Creativity found! What they brought to the table that I still don't have even after living in this state for decades was an extensive knowledge of Texas plants and what would look right in certain spots, how those plants would handle the brutal summers, what shrubs we could save and what really had to go (like the monkey grass that has taken over one front border).

Our pretty redbud trees that were damaged in Hurricane Ike will have to go, too--they are looking pretty scraggly--but they will be replaced with new healthy trees. I am glad we are doing this, but I must say, I wish I could have convinced my husband years ago that our yard needed a do-over so we could have enjoyed what I suspect will be a beautiful transformation.

How about you? Any time you finally got around to doing something and had to wonder "Now why did I wait so long to fix this, change this, do this?" And do you understand what I'm talking about when I say, "I could see their minds at work?"



Maureen Hayes said...

We finally pulled up the carpet in the great room and put own hardwood floors, and I so wish we had done it sooner so we could've enjoyed it!

As to your comment about seeing their minds at work, I completely understand. I think when you are on the same wavelength as someone that happens. I think it is neat when you can "get" someone in that way.

Good luck with selling the house and moving.

Leann Sweeney said...

Thanks Maureen!

ev said...

Everytime I do something here, I wonder why it wasn't done before! That includes all the trees I had cut down in the back when I moved here. What a difference sunshine makes!