Friday, March 2, 2012

Crazy Bird Lady

By Heather

Okay, I suppose that should be crazy bird family. We love birds at our house. We have several feeders and keep them loaded all year long.

Even though we do have birds around all year long, the numbers fade over the winter. But this week, it seems like they’ve all come back. In droves.


Mama and Papa cardinal are staking claim in our pine tree, red wing blackbirds bicker on the bird feeder, there are dozens of robins bopping around. The annoying grackles are back, trying to intimidate the goldfinches from the thistle feeder. Mockingbirds sing, sparrows hop. Wrens flit around prettily, and take up residence in our bird house. Blue jays swoop in for peanuts, jaying loudly to let all the other birds know who’s boss. Oh, and the mourning sweet, so simple-minded. Coo. Coo.


There are chickadees, cowbirds, dark-eyed juncos, and soon, hummingbirds. Our newest regular visitor, however, is one I’d like to see stay away. A beautiful red-tailed hawk. He circles above our yard, lands in the pine trees, and we’ve even caught him on the bird bath. He needs to go—he scares all the other birds. Probably because to him, they’re snacks.


Other than when the hawk visits, the yard is full of activity, of sound. Of happiness. The bird chatter never ceases to make me smile. It’s one of the many reasons I love this time of year so much.

Are you a crazy bird person, too?

PS: All photos taken by Mr. W in our yard.
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